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To develop champions through collaboration, cooperation and competition and to help all our drivers achieve the pinnacle of iRacing's championships.

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Tinsey and Darling Podium for TNT in 1st Autobahn Race

TNT Racing drivers Paul Darling and Robert Tinsey each placed 3rd in their respective classes during the 5th round of season 7 in the Autobahn League.

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TNT Earns Bid for 2018-19 NEO Endurance Series

TNT Drivers Bobby Tinsey and Benjamin Lindsay put together a stellar qualifying effort to earn a bid for the upcoming NEO Endurance Series.

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TNT Racing Carbon Places 5th in Top Split at 24 Hours of LeMans

Robert Tinsey, Sam Clark, and Benjamin Lindsay cruised to a 5th placed finish in the annual 24 Hours of LeMans.

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Endurance Team Places 6th in 24 Hours of Spa

TNT Racing Gold endurance team places 6th in the 2nd split of iRacing's prestigious 24 Hours of Spa.

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TNT Preparing Well for 24 Hours of Spa

TNT Racing Drivers Paul Darling and Benjamin Lindsay were busy pummeling the competition in the VRS GT Endurance Series this weekend in preparation for a similar, yet lengthy repeat affair next weekend.

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TNT Welcomes New Sponsors RaceBoss and ARD Tuning!

TNT Racing is proud to announce two new sponsors in RaceBoss and ARD Tuning. Moments later, multiple members finished Season 2 of iRacing with outstanding results. Carrying these sponsors forward, TNT hopes to continue to build off this success with a little extra motivation!

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TNT Working Back to Form

Andy Runolfson and Benjamin Lindsay putting forth strong efforts to rekindle TNT Racing's F1 legacy.

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TNT Racing Enters First NES Race

TNT Racing reached new heights today, completing the first NES race in its history. Dealing with connection, video, and sound issues, the trio of Scott McIntyre, Paul Darling, and Benjamin Lindsay finished 23rd in class, a stepping stone for bigger and better things.

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